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Tom Fischer finds himself accidentally placed in an internship at Pornamount Pictures.


November 5th, 2010


Thank you to everyone who has helped spread the word. The support you’ve all shown us is more than we could have ever hoped for. We’re working on getting more episodes to you!


May 9th, 2010

2 Milli 2 Milli 2 Milli

Blue Movies has passed the 2 Million views mark. Thanks to everyone for all your continued support! Remember, you can like the series at We’ve got some cool announcements coming soon, episode commentary, and more. Just stay tuned!


March 19th, 2010

A Milli

We just got confirmation fromĀ Koldcast that Blue Movies has passed 1 Million Views and continues to grow! Thank you to everyone who has supported the show since our November launch. Getting this far means so much to us, and we wouldn’t have done it without all your support. A million thanks to you, Internet!


February 18th, 2010


We got an AMAZING review from Italian Technology Site PuntoInformatico. They talk about us alongside the style of Wes Anderson and Jason Reitman. Thank you for all the kind words! Here is a translation courtesy of our Sayed’s international bodyguard Matt Weight. First the Germans, now the Italians. Thanks to all our international support!

If there is a world in which a good starting point is sufficient to give life to a wonderful production then it is in the format of a web series, wherein the very short duration of episodes, the need for swift and inventive scenes and the relatively low expectations of the public help to foment a production focused more on individual scenes than the pursuit of the through-line. Such is the case in Blue Movies, the most intelligent, breathtaking and interesting web series in recent times that begins with the error of the protagonist, who is persuaded to go for an internship at Paramount, not realizing that he has agreed to work for Pornamount, the name summing up the nature of its productions.

From the beginning Blue Movies proves adept at carrying a strong theme (the ironic intepretation of the world of pornograhic films) and a clarity of purpose ( such as the pulling out of literally a thousand hilarious pornographic parodies, the trailers a handful available for seperate viewing). In doing so, the series creators have managed to go above and beyond all expectations, the first episode launching the show as a whole into orbit ( with the lead-in to the episodes a hilarious pornographic versions of movies such as The Godfather, Forrest Hump or The Dark Knight). The series uses the microcosm of peeling back the layers of the production of pornography as a means to address the world of cinema more extensively and vividly than any other series online at the moment.

Additionally there is also the fact that the series deals with the issues of sex (although you don’t actually see any nudity) through the medium of the internet, a place where porn is the focus of much of the traffic and interest.
If Blue Movies lacks the courage of Young American Bodies, it has the intelligence and desire to investigate and contend with the porn industry’s underlying flippant nature (for instance by showing the director and head of the studio as the most clueless character at times), launching a cinematic broadside at the quintessential ‘classic’ porn titles (films such as Godfucker, Men in Black Men, Forrest Hump etc) and by drawing attention to the legions of invisible workers carrying out the thankless tasks required in the business (its is not by chance that the protagonist is in this last category).

The latter episodes arrive with a uncharacteristic strength for a web based series, primarily to examine from the ground floor the figures who are usually marginalized, outsiders, the small fish and the losers. Tom of Blue Movies is the classic example of the American Hero labeled by society as a loser, he himself having only a minor interest in the myth of success. Hollywood has recently been discovering these types of characters (such as in the films of Wes Anderson and Jason Reitman) in preference over the steotypical archetypes of so called ‘winners’.

The Series currently consists of 5 episodes, all written and shot extremely well and distributed by the Koldcast platform, and as more time passes the more this show will be lauded as one of the most solid and reliable for its calibre of production on the Internet.

To see the original review, click here.

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